LUXMAN Audio Player English ver.

LUXMAN original playback software of high sound quality

Original music playback software of high sound quality
To playback file sound sources by PC or Mac, like lossless compression type FLAC files that are common in online music distribution and DSD format files that are becoming popular these days, it is necessary to install a corresponding playback software. Especially, to play back DSD files, sometimes it requires complexed settings and thus it is making it difficult for people who want to listen to high quality music without any difficulties. LUXMAN developed its original high sound quality playback software ”LUXMAN Audio Player” for its products exclusively. All you need is install the software from the link below or a CD supplied with the product and you will be able to start using it immediately. Corresponding file formats are FLAC/WAV/MP3, DSF/DSDIFF (From ver1.2, ALAC and AIFF became compatible.). You can listen to most of the formats used in major music distributing sites. The interface is simple, and it can be used with both Windows and Mac.
※DA-200 and DA-100 are not compatible with DSD files.
※DA-250/DA-150 do not come with a software CD.


Please read this file first.(ReadMe_eng.txt)

LUXMAN Audio Player for Windows 1.7.0
LUXMAN Audio Player for Mac 1.7.0

※LUXMAN Audio Player software operates with D-08u/D-06u/D-05u/DA-06/DA-250/DA-150/DA-200/DA-100 only. When the other product(s) is/are connected to the PC or Mac, it may not operate properly.